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Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting Baptized

This is the dress Gigi gave me to wear before and after.
Me and my Daddy. This is the dress I wore when I was getting baptized.
On Saturday I just got Baptized. Everyone sent me a letter. Almost everyone got me a baptism present. I'll tell you who came. The Struckles my friend Amelia's family. The Call's, My best friend Kara's family. Uncle Willy's family and Uncle Matt's family. Brenty. The Melins surprised us by having Addie pretent to be Melanie when they came over! It was funny! Gigi and Papa. The Faddis's. The Tolman family. The Halls. Aunt Julie. Grandpa Jim Post. If I forgot someone I'm sorry. Here are some pictures. My mom put some on her blog also.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I am blogging for Ally right now because she is really sick with Strep Throat and she wanted me to let you all know. The poor girl can't wait to feel better. She has the shakes, a fever, soar throat, you name it. I gave her some of Belle's antibiotics because all the pharmacies are closed except for one in BFE so since they have the same prescriptions I will just fill Ally's tomorrow. Belle has been on it for like 9 days and is just about done and feeling great. The doctor thinks Ally got it from someone outside the family.

Love, Ally's mommy.