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Sunday, October 2, 2011


This month I'm gonna' have the time of my life!

Today I'm going to my grandma Gigi's house and she's going to make qua so!
For Halloween I'm going to be Harry Potter! Isabelle's gonna' be Joseph (Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat), Ben's gonna' be Ironhide (the transformer), and Jack's gonna' be Zoro (I have no idea who he is)!

I can't wait till next month (Thanksgiving)!


Harry Potter Freak! said...

Hi Al we love you

Harry Potter Freak! said...

hi ally your the best sister ever i can't wait to see you tomorrow are you having fun at gigi and papa's house cause i know i,m having fun over hear and i hope you have a fun time at jack's game or at ben's game or wherever your going see ya love

Laura said...

Hey Miss Ally....I just want you to know that I love you so much. Every time I see a new picture of you I think to myself....." Wow, She gets more beautiful everytime I see her". Be happy love! Hope to see you soon.

Love Aunt Laura.

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